Thanks for visiting us regarding apartment rentals, sublets, roommates and more! We have tried to make the website as user friendly and affordable as possible. Please feel free to email us anytime if you have any questions!

How is this site different than all the other rental websites out there or the newspapers?

Great question! Although there are a lot of sites out there we feel we differ in many, many ways. First, our prices are rock bottom (free)!!! Did you know that it could cost up to $200.00 for three days in the classified section of your local daily newspaper? We offer live help directly on our website through text chat. When you call you are speaking directly to the owner of the company! That's right the 613-686-1179 number is our owner's personal, direct line! We do not have any logins and passwords to remember either!

Why when I call, I get City Lights Entertainment? Have I called the right number?

Yes you have! City Lights Entertainment owns the entire Network. The network was started by musicians looking to sublet their apartments before going on tour.

Do you have actual apartments rent? Do you own any apartments?

Oh man do we wish! At this point we are simply a directory or listing services for Ottawa apartments for rent and more.

How much does it cost to post on and how long do you run your listings for?

It is completely free!!!

As a landlord can I save myself time and effort by posting my rental application directly to your site?

Yes! We are one of the only directories where landlords can actually post their rental applications for download!

I have submitted my listing why do I not see it yet on the site?

In order for us to strictly monitor the content that is uploaded to the site, your listing is emailed to us and we upload it manually. We do this to eliminate spammers, people posting inappropriate or offensive material. We want to ensure that the site is kept clean and used properly.

Once my listing is up can I make changes to it?

Again, in order to keep our prices down we generally can not make changes to your listing.

Do you have a 1-800 number?

In order to keep our costs as low as possible - some of our competitors charge over $50.00 a month, we do not have a 1-800 number at time. You are encourage to call our parent company City Lights Entertainment here in Ottawa though at 613.686.1179 if you have any other questions!

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